Technical Support

Please contact our tech support team directly for help with technical issues like:

  • Warranty Repairs
  • Windows Issues
  • Error Messages
  • Screen Problems
  • Computer Won't Turn On
  • Blue or Black Screen
  • No Power or Battery Issues
  • Hardware Problems

Or check out our Tech Support FAQ below for help with some common issues.

Technical Support Contact Information

Phone: (503) 479-7621
Business Hours: Mon-Fri - 9:00AM-5:00PM PST

Above: Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash
Background: Image by Garik Barseghyan from Pixabay  

Tech Support Common-Issues

The "_" on my computer does not work. How can I get repairs?

To have a repair started please contact us using the contact information above. We would be happy to help troubleshoot the problem, and if necessary have the unit brought back to us for warranty repairs.

How long do repairs take?
I am dealing with an issue with Windows. How can I get help?
Do I need a Windows product key?
The touchscreen on my laptop does not work. What should I do?
Can you provide remote assistance for my problem?
My computer will not turn on. What should I do?
The backlit keyboard on my computer will not turn on. How do I make this work?
The DVD drive on my computer is not working. How do I fix it?
The keyboard on my computer is not working correctly. How can I make this work?
I am receiving a hard drive error. How can I get my computer to work?
I cannot connect to the internet on my new computer. What do I do?
My computer turns on but there is no image. How can I fix this?
My new computer is making a lot of noise. Is this normal?
The USB ports on my computer do not work. How can I fix this?
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