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Frequently Asked Questions

What programs can I use to alter the settings on my webcam?
What can I do if the image shows abnormal color? How do I adjust the image parameters such as brightness or contrast?
How do I adjust the field of view if the webcam is showing too much on the sides?
How can I adjust the auto focus or the manual focus?
How can I turn off the auto focusing feature on my webcam?
What programs are your webcams compatible with?
Why is my webcam not recognized by the operating system?
My webcam's microphone is not working, what can I do to fix this?
How can I use my webcam in chatting software, like Skype or Face Time?
Why is the image quality only reaching 720P or 640P and not 1080P?
Why are the images suffering from excessive glare?
Why are the images extremely dark?
Why does the feed from the webcam keep flickering and cutting out on the bottom?

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